Man, 45, arrested for stalking ex-girlfriend in Acireale

An Acireale man, aged 45, has been arrested by the Carabinieri for allegedly harassing his ex-girlfriend, aged 36. The victim had been subjected to continuous attacks and stalking behaviors by her former partner, who had never accepted the end of their relationship. Scenes of jealousy, unexpected visits at home, insistent requests for sexual intercourse, and phone monitoring were a daily occurrence for the woman, who reported everything.

The man had previously been issued a warning by the police chief, but last weekend he once again tormented the victim with phone calls and a raid on her home and only stopped because a neighbor threatened to call the Carabinieri. A few days ago, the latest incident occurred: a friend of the woman noticed a Ford Fiesta parked near the entrance to her friend’s house and suspected it was her ex-boyfriend’s. They asked the driver to keep going towards Acireale. However, the man in the Ford noticed them and blocked their path.

The man started banging his fists on the car hood, and the woman and the driver barricaded themselves inside the car and drove off. However, the assailant followed and caught up with them in the seaside village of Santa Tecla. The two friends then went to the Acireale Carabinieri station. The man was arrested on charges of stalking and is currently under house arrest.

Acireale, stalking nei confronti della ex fidanzata: arrestato un uomo di 45 anni

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