Mafia shooting at Sperone: Alessio Salvo Caruso refuses to answer magistrates

The article explains that Alessio Salvo Caruso, the young man injured during a shooting in Via XXVII Maggio where Giancarlo Romano, an emerging boss of the Corso dei Mille clan, was killed on February 26th, did not respond to the questions of the magistrates. Caruso, a loyal member of the mafia, is now out of danger but remains in the hospital’s detainee ward, where Judge Lirio Conti went to see him today. Caruso only recently learned of Romano’s death in the ambush. According to investigators, Caruso’s injury and Romano’s murder were the result of a conflict between the two victims and the Mira family, specifically Camillo and his son Antonio. The Miras allegedly rebelled against extortion demands related to the management of illegal betting, using unauthorized “panels” and accumulating a debt of approximately €20,000 with the boss. The article also mentions two shootings that took place on the day of the murder, with Camillo Mira being injured in one and the Miras retaliating in the second, fatally shooting Romano and injuring Caruso.

Mafia, la sparatoria allo Sperone: Alessio Salvo Caruso non risponde ai magistrati

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