Mafia operation in Misilmeri, General Spina commends Carabinieri officers

The provincial commander of the carabinieri in Palermo, Brigadier General Luciano Magrini, has awarded 11 rewards to soldiers who have distinguished themselves in service activities. The soldiers from the investigative unit and the Misilmeri company received the “simple commendation” bestowed by the commander of the Sicily carabinieri legion, Major General Giuseppe Spina.

The rewards are given for the investigations carried out in the “Fenice” operation, which represented a severe blow to organized crime on October 24, 2022. The investigative activity allowed to dismantle the Misilmeri mafia district with the issuance of 6 precautionary measures. In particular, some extortions against local entrepreneurs for the maintenance of detainees and their families have been reconstructed.

Operazione antimafia a Misilmeri, encomi del generale Spina ai carabinieri

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