Mafia member sentenced to 14 years in prison for lending identity to Matteo Messina Denaro

The judge of Palermo sentenced Andrea Bonafede, the surveyor from Campobello di Mazara who lent his identity to Matteo Messina Denaro, to 14 years in prison for mafia association and conspiracy to commit forgery. Bonafede’s cousin, Laura Bonafede, who was a longtime lover of the mafia boss, is also facing a separate trial where the prosecution has requested a 15-year sentence.

Bonafede, who is the nephew of the infamous boss Leonardo Bonafede, was found to have been at the disposal of the mafia boss long before his arrest. It was discovered that Messina Denaro had been using Bonafede’s identity, which he had falsified documents for, to receive cancer treatment.

The investigation also revealed that both the last apartment where the mafia boss lived in Campobello and the car he used were purchased with false documents registered in Bonafede’s name. Furthermore, it was found that in 2007, the first house in Campobello where Messina Denaro lived was rented in Bonafede’s name, indicating a longstanding relationship between the surveyor and the mafia boss.

With today’s verdict, five individuals close to Messina Denaro have been sentenced.

Mafia, condannato a 14 anni di carcere Andrea Bonafede: prestò l’identità a Matteo Messina Denaro

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