Mafia blitz against Trabia clan: Piero Erco released

The Review Tribunal has overturned the detention order against Piero Erco, who was arrested last week along with 19 other people in an operation by the DDA against individuals believed to be linked to the mafia families of Trabia, Altavilla Milicia, Cerda, Caccamo, and Termini Imerese. The investigating magistrate Lirio Conti had issued a detention order for crimes of mafia-style association, extortion, and usury.

The investigations conducted by the Carabinieri of Termini Imerese were based on the statements of numerous collaborators of justice who decided to cooperate with the authorities after the Black Cat trial. Piero Erco, defended by lawyers Salvino and Giada Caputo and Francesca Fucaloro, was accused by Massimiliano Vallone and Andrea Lombardo of being a member of the mafia family of Trabia and of attempting extortion against a businessman who managed the provision of boats and pedal boats at a campsite on the beaches of Trabia.

During questioning, Erco denied all accusations, demonstrating that he had been away from the area for years. The defense appealed to the Review Tribunal in Palermo, arguing the absolute lack of serious evidence of guilt and the absence of precautionary needs. The lawyers showed that at the time of the alleged extortion attempt, Erco was not in Trabia and did not know the businessman; furthermore, phone records did not show any contact between Erco and the victim. The Review Tribunal, accepting the arguments of the defense, this morning overturned the detention order and ordered the immediate release of the suspect.

Mafia, blitz contro il mandamento di Trabia: Piero Erco torna libero

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