Mafia: 12 million euro money laundering investigation results in cancellation of 11 precautionary measures against businessmen close to Messina Denaro.

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All 11 precautionary measures requested by the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office against entrepreneurs and mafia members involved in an investigation into a suspected €12 million money laundering operation allegedly carried out by Salemi bosses close to Matteo Messina Denaro on behalf of Palermo clans have been cancelled. The court of review, to which the suspects turned, significantly reduced the decision of the judge for the preliminary investigations.

The main protagonists of the operation are Salvatore Angelo, an entrepreneur previously convicted for managing investments in renewable energies for the former fugitive of Castelvetrano, and his son Andrea. According to investigators, they used the international Swift system to transfer money for Palermo mafia clans, making it untraceable. The carabinieri hypothesized two money laundering operations: money entrusted by Palermo mafia to Salemi “cousins” who, with the help of consultants and intermediaries capable of mastering Swift, would carry out their plans.

According to the Prosecutor, the mafia boss Michele Micalizzi contacted the two Angelos to transfer the dirty money of the clan. The financial mind behind the plan was Giuseppe Burrafato, who could rely on complacent entrepreneurs (some foreigners) and “ambiguous figures in the sector,” as described by the judge. In 2019, €12 million of mafia money were transferred from a Deutsche Bank account to an HSBC branch. The investigators intercepted the Swift report file, a summary of the necessary elements to identify the transaction details.

The organization also tried to acquire, reinvesting dirty money, 12 Coop Sicilia stores (but the deal fell through), unsuccessfully trying to meet with Italy Viva senator Davide Faraone for support, recycling out-of-circulation lire on behalf of the ‘ndrangheta, and laundering the money of Calogero John Luppino, the king of online illegal betting, another loyal follower of the former fugitive.

Mafia, maxi inchiesta su un riciclaggio da 12 milioni di euro: annullate 11 misure cautelari nei confronti di imprenditori vicini a Messina Denaro

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