M5S raises alarm: Eels dying in drainage channel in Catania

“We have received several reports of pollution in the Arci canal in the industrial area of Catania and together with the municipal councilor of the M5s Graziano Bonaccorsi, we immediately carried out an inspection and found that an abnormal discharge, documented by social media video, has caused a die-off of eels and other aquatic animals. We are intervening at the local and regional level,” said Martina Ardizzone, regional deputy of the 5 Star Movement.

“The chemical wastewater was white and acidic – Ardizzone and Bonaccorsi explain – so much so that it burnt the eyes and nostrils. Although the acute phase of the discharge ended shortly after, there are still significant residues in the canal and a die-off of eels.

The canal flows directly into the Playa di Catania and other reports tell of white wastewater near the port, just last Friday. It seems that those present were able to report the incident to the Arpa and that the latter intervened on the spot and collected samples for further analysis. We are presenting a joint interrogation, both in the Sicilian Regional Assembly and in the City Council, and – Ardizzone and Bonaccorsi conclude – we will immediately ask for clarification from Arpa and the competent authorities to identify the culprits of this environmental crime. Depending on the answers we receive, we will also consider filing a formal complaint.”

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