Lucioni after the victory against Samp: “We owed it to our fans, now focus on Venezia”

The victory against Sampdoria gives the right boost to the fans but also to the players who receive a good dose of self-esteem and are now preparing for Monday’s match against Venezia. Fabio Lucioni sums up a not easy match against Samp, but everything went well. “We wanted to make a good impression in front of our fans, it had been a long time since we won at home and we gave the three points to our fans. Although this match was worth more than three points. We had a great team performance – says the Palermo defender – of sacrifice, determination, and mentality. Everything we needed to overcome a tough opponent like Sampdoria. We faced it in the best possible way, both mentally and physically, and with the unity of purpose that led us to win this match and move on to the next round and prepare well for the next game.

However, a draw would have been enough to go forward. “The victory – commented Lucioni after the match – sent a different signal especially to ourselves. They are all very difficult matches but they had to be faced this way. We prepared for it like this and the result was the result of the work the whole team did. The fans were truly amazing with us.” Now we must immediately think about the Monday challenge with Venezia. “We must immediately release the adrenaline of victory because there is no time to celebrate winning a match. We must be happy but aware that we must immediately recharge mentally because on Monday another battle is played in front of our fans and we must deliver another great performance. The result will be a consequence.

Now we have to play on equal terms with our opponents without fearing anyone. “Our team – said Lucioni – has always tried to impose its own game and will. Certainly, at times during the season, it did so and quite well. We did not arrive at these play-offs in the easiest and most linear way but in difficulties, showing however that ours is a group that has always gotten back up. We have tried to reset the journey in the championship, congratulated Parma and Como because they had a great season. We have reset in our heads the 38 matches and started a new path, and today’s Palermo can really compete with everyone. From today we have to think one game at a time. Not conceding goals gives self-esteem, confidence, and compactness. I have to congratulate those who sacrifice themselves up there. And they have really done a great job, in the middle of the field they have covered kilometers. Not conceding goals has been an additional help to their efforts. Then, when we go to the other half of the field, we have the quality and we try to win the matches.”

La vittoria con la Samp, Lucioni: «La dovevamo ai nostri tifosi, ora concentriamoci subito sul Venezia»

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