Long waiting times to book appointments at Catania’s Asp, complaint filed.

A report-complaint to the Prosecutor of Catania for the crime of disruption of public service has been filed by Codacons and the Association Articolo 32/97 (Italian Association for the Rights of the Sick and the Citizen) following the “enormous difficulties reported by exasperated citizens in booking an outpatient visit or a diagnostic test through the Unique Booking Center of the Asp of Catania”. This was announced by Codacons.

“We have received numerous testimonies from citizens – says lawyer Carmelo Sardella, head of the legal office of Codacons – who denounce the outrageously long waiting times for outpatient visits and the lack of response from the Cup switchboard. It is time to say enough! By calling several times on different days, the automatic response is always the same: “Our 90 lines are busy. Try again later” or “Please hold”. For Codacons and the Association Articolo 32/97, “it appears necessary and appropriate to investigate the matter in order to protect the dignity and human health of the individual affected, but also in terms of transparency towards the community”. “It is necessary to understand the causes of the problems that occur with the Unique Booking Center of the Asp of Catania – conclude these associations – and whether there are responsibilities that could constitute criminally relevant hypotheses. Making people wait for months, if not years, for a health service is denying the right to care, as the only alternative for many is to give up treatment”.

Tempi di attesa lunghissimi per prenotare le visite all’Asp di Catania, parte l’esposto

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