Lipari: Porticello structures at risk of collapse

The mayor of Lipari, Riccardo Gullo, has urgently ordered the removal of the dangerous structures along the provincial road of Porticello, at the former pumice processing plant called La Cava owned by Pumex Spa, which is currently in liquidation. The head of the Civil Protection Service, Nico Russo, has reported to Pumex Spa the danger to the road caused by the advanced deterioration of the support pillars of the old conveyor belt crossing the road at the former pumice processing plant. The mayor has instructed Massimo Galletti, the liquidator of Pumex Spa, to immediately start the safety intervention within 24 hours to prevent road closure. Legal procedures will be initiated for cost recovery if necessary. The authorities have also been informed about the situation.

Lipari, a Porticello strutture a rischio crollo

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