Lipari, Mount Gallina fire: houses at risk, residents and tourists evacuated as precaution

In Lipari, a massive fire broke out in the afternoon of today (May 16), causing panic among the residents and vacationers of Monte Gallina. Due to the strong scirocco wind, the fire quickly spread, putting around ten houses at risk and forcing residents and tourists to evacuate for safety. The smoke carried by the scirocco also reached the center of the island, making the air unbreathable in some areas. Firefighters, civil protection volunteers, and two Canadair planes intervened, bombarding the area with seawater to contain the fire.

The damage is extensive, with over 5 hectares of Mediterranean scrubland burned, houses and warehouses threatened by the flames, and fruit trees and gardens reduced to ashes. Thanks to the hard work of the firefighters, who fought the flames for five hours, and the timely intervention of the Canadair planes, the situation did not worsen.

In recent days, several fires have been set on the island to burn the undergrowth, but this particular fire became uncontrollable due to the strong winds blowing towards the Aeolian islands, causing disruptions to ferry services. Some ferry routes to the smaller islands were also affected.

Lipari, incendio a Monte Gallina: case a rischio, isolani e turisti per precauzione si sono allontanati dalle villette

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