Lipari fills potholes on roads in Pianoconte and Quattropani.

After the center of Lipari, where roads with potholes are being repaired, attention has shifted to the neighborhoods of Pianoconte and Quattropani. The residents had requested the repairs, especially after an incident involving a woman whose car had two tires punctured in Pianoconte near the former Post Office.

While work is underway in the two neighborhoods, local Bartolo Casella has raised an SOS for the road in Area Morta, in Quattropani. “Attention . he says – there is a manhole with a hole over 15 centimeters for cars and motorbikes. There is no signage and it is extremely dangerous at night. An immediate intervention is needed to prevent a disaster. If a motorbike hits it with the front wheel, it will topple over.”

Also in Quattropani, an accident occurred at Alta Pecora. About ten young people on their motorcycles were off-roading and a 17-year-old, following a fall, was transferred by helicopter to Papardo Hospital in Messina and underwent surgery to remove the compromised left kidney.

Lipari, coperte le buche sulle strade a Pianoconte e Quattropani

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