Lipari celebrates Bartolino Leone’s 50 years of journalism

Bartolino Leone, a journalist and correspondent for Giornale di Sicilia and, celebrated his 50 years of journalism in Lipari. This milestone coincided with the almost 16 years of his online news platform, Notiziario delle Eolie. Leone’s career started with the print version of Il Notiziario Eolie and Giornale di Sicilia, focusing on conveying news quickly. He expressed gratitude for the community’s support and the messages he received from around the world. Leone’s style of journalism has anticipated the present and the lack of revolution in the Aeolian Islands. He thanked his colleagues and the mayor, acknowledging that the most important aspect for a journalist is the news.

Lipari, festa per i 50 anni di giornalismo di Bartolino Leone

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