Licata, municipal stadium targeted by thieves: stolen copper cables and electrical material

Thieves strike at the Dino Liotta municipal stadium in Licata. The criminals broke in during the weekend and targeted the equipment of the company currently carrying out maintenance work inside the structure. The theft occurred at night, with the thieves managing to break in and steal a large quantity of electrical materials. Additionally, some copper cables were also taken, causing the facility to malfunction and requiring the workers to use a generator to continue their work. The carabinieri have launched an investigation to identify the perpetrators, with Enel technicians and the Public Works Department operators also on site to begin restoration work. The cameras in the stadium area may have captured footage of the thieves in action. In January, another sports facility, the Acireale stadium in Catania province, was targeted by criminals who ransacked the changing rooms, stealing players’ jerseys and shorts, and damaging the coffee machine.

Licata, lo stadio comunale nel mirino dei ladri: rubati cavi di rame e materiale elettrico

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