Licata couple accused of car fire in city center

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Two people have been identified as the authors of a car fire that occurred a few months ago in the center of Licata. They are a 22-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman. The prefect of Agrigento, Tommaso Palumbo, issued an oral notice to them. The identification of the alleged authors of the fire was carried out by the police officers of Licata, led by Chief Commissioner Giuseppe Garro. The report was then transmitted to the magistrates of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Agrigento and to the prefect. The latter then issued the measure which the agents notified to the interested parties. At the moment, the motive for setting the fire is unknown.

In recent months, as is known, car fires have increased in Licata. The latest one occurred about twenty days ago. A Fiat Punto owned by a couple was set on fire in Via Torregrossa. A resident who immediately alerted law enforcement agencies saw the flames and alerted them.

Firefighters from the Licata detachment extinguished the flames on the scene, and the carabinieri traced the owner of the vehicle. The military listened to the two spouses of Licata, a 67-year-old man and his 60-year-old wife, to understand if they had seen or heard anything suspicious in the days leading up to the incident. No one noticed what was happening on the night of the fire.

The damage to the vehicle is significant. The Agrigento prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation file, hypothesizing the crime of damage following a fire.

Licata, coppia accusata dell’incendio di un’auto in centro

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