Licata: Attempted robbery at gas station, but the register is empty and the heist goes up in smoke

A new attempted robbery at the Sicilpetroli Lukoil fuel distributor on the SS 115 in Licata. This time the theft went up in smoke: the criminals broke into the premises at night, smashing the door and heading straight to the cash register, which they managed to break into. When they opened it, however, the gang made a bitter discovery: there wasn’t even a euro. The thieves had to flee empty-handed and disappeared without a trace. Police officers arrived at the scene, assessed the damage, and carried out investigations. The investigations to track down the culprits are ongoing and the surveillance camera footage of the facility is also being reviewed. The service station was already targeted in May. In that case, the criminals managed to make off with a haul of about thirty thousand euros, the income of fifteen days. A few days earlier, another assault had occurred along provincial road 3 leading from Favara to contrada San Benedetto and towards the entrance to SS 189 on one side and the industrial area on the other. The thieves had carried out the theft with the same modus operandi and had managed to escape with around 7,700 euros.

Licata: assalto al distributore di carburanti, ma la cassa è vuota e il colpo va in fumo

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