Leotta-Karius wedding at Vulcano, church of Grace chosen.

In the Cesarini area, Diletta Leotta chose the small church of the Grazie di Gelso, dating back to 1768 and being the oldest on the island, for her wedding with Karius.

Gelso is the seaside village of Vulcano, the location of the ceremony, the most magical and isolated place with a black sandy beach. An enchantment that delighted the journalist from Catania and the German goalkeeper. It is no coincidence that the extraordinary cleanliness, inside and outside the church, was completed yesterday afternoon.

Tomorrow at 7 pm, the parish priest Lio Raffaele will celebrate the religious ritual for the “fateful yes” between her and Loris Karius, ready to move if the deal is finalized in Como.

Among the already announced guests, Chiara Ferragni and Elisabetta Canalis will arrive directly by dinghy.

After the religious ceremony, there will be a great party on the breathtaking terrace of the Hotel Therasia, with a musical performance by Elodie, chosen as a bridesmaid. To listen to her songs even from the sea, an invasion of boats with locals and tourists in the channel separating Vulcano from Lipari with the cliff formations of Petra Minalda and Petru Luongo is planned.

The night show is also guaranteed for the many onlookers who have descended on the Aeolian Islands…

Photo from notiziarioeolie.it.

Le nozze Leotta-Karius a Vulcano, scelta la chiesa delle Grazie

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