Lentini incident, collision between motoape and car: two injured

Road accident in Lentini. A motoape and a car collided for reasons still under examination. The accident occurred on the extra-urban road of Siracusa, state highway 194 at kilometer 17, and the motoape, with two people inside, overturned. An ambulance from the 118 emergency service was called to the scene. Paramedics immediately assisted the two injured, who reportedly suffered fractures and various injuries, and transported them to Lentini Hospital. Firefighters and carabinieri also arrived at the scene to conduct investigations and determine the exact dynamics of the collision. The road remained closed to allow for rescue efforts, vehicle removal, and road safety measures. This is yet another accident on Sicilian roads. Just two days ago, a 17-year-old died in PaternĂ² while riding his scooter to school.

Incidente a Lentini, scontro tra una motoape e un’auto: due feriti

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