Lawyer found dead in car in Palermo: Family of Onorato still suspects murder

The family believes until it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it was a suicide, the possibility of murder remains open. The defense argues that until the investigations are completed, especially regarding the toxicological examination that could prove the entrepreneur was sedated, all hypotheses remain open. This is declared by lawyer Vincenzo Lo Re, who represents the family of the 55-year-old businessman Angelo Onorato, found dead in his car with a cable tie around his neck along the parallel road next to the Palermo Mazara del Vallo highway. “If the prosecutor determines it was a suicide, the possibility of incitement to suicide remains open,” adds lawyer Lo Re.

Trovato morto in auto a Palermo, il legale: per la famiglia di Onorato l’ipotesi resta quella di omicidio

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