Large kidney tumor removed in bulk at Catania’s Garibaldi-Nesima hospital

The surgical team at Garibaldi-Nesima Hospital in Catania successfully removed a large locally advanced renal tumor that involved several vital anatomical structures in a 58-year-old woman. The team, composed of the Urology and Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Units, decided to carry out the surgery by removing the renal mass together with the adrenal gland, duodenum, pancreas, liver (5th-6th segment), right colon, and spleen. After the surgery, the patient was monitored in the intensive care unit, where she received specialized care to ensure a prompt recovery and optimal outcome, achieving a rapid recovery thanks to her remarkable willpower.

The extraordinary operation, involving healthcare professionals from surgical, oncological, and support services departments, highlights the crucial importance of a multidisciplinary approach in treating patients with complex pathologies. The success of the complex operation was made possible by the technical skill, precision, collaboration, and coordination among the various specialty teams involved.

Key players in the operation included urologists Mario Falsaperla and Mario Pulvirenti, surgeons Nicola Cinardi and Giulia Impellizzeri, anesthesiologists Francesco Margarone and Maria Teresa Pizzo under the direction of Giuseppe Calabrese, as well as nurses Roberta Pagliaro and Simona Panarello, coordinated by Angelica Catania and Salvo Di Dio.

Catania, all’ospedale Garibaldi-Nesima asportato in blocco un voluminoso tumore renale

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