L’Arcigay presents the Pride of Siracusa: “It’s Time for the Political Battle”

The upcoming Pride event in Siracusa, Italy will be hosted by Vladimir Luxuria. The president of Arcigay Siracusa, Armando Caravini, announced that the event will include a Village with cultural and social activities. The parade will cover a large part of the city and aims to assert LGBTQ+ rights and oppose the current government. Alessandro Bottaro, representative of Stonewall Siracusa, criticized the government for attempting to erase progress through legislation. The Minister of Youth Policies, Giancarlo Pavano, emphasized the importance of education and training for teachers regarding gender identity. The mayor of Siracusa, Francesco Italia, highlighted the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights and the significance of protecting children in same-sex families. Overall, the Pride event is not just a parade, but a cultural event.