Lampedusa sees more arrivals with a newborn dead; mother rushed to the outpatient clinic by ambulance.

A newborn’s body was brought ashore at the Favarolo dock in Lampedusa by a Coast Guard patrol boat that had rescued a group of migrants in the waters off the island. The baby’s body was immediately placed in a white casket and transferred to the cemetery in the Imbriacola district. Presumably, the mother of the newborn was taken to the polyclinic by ambulance.121 migrants arrived in Lampedusa today (September 16) between midnight and 8 am. They arrived on three boats from Sfax and Zwara. The groups, including 14 women in total, said they were from Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Guinea, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast. There were a total of 15 landings on the island yesterday, with a total of 527 people. At the Imbriacola hotspot, there are currently 2,796 guests. On the order of the Prefecture of Agrigento, the police will begin escorting 400 of the guests to the port in the next few hours, where they will board the Galaxy ferry to Porto Empedocle. Other departures are also being planned for the afternoon and evening.

Ancora sbarchi a Lampedusa, c’è anche un neonato morto: la mamma portata in ambulanza al poliambulatorio

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