La Monte Erice among 7 stages in new Italian Supersalita championship

The Monte Erice race will be part of the new Elite Championship in Mountain Speed. The Aci sports board has created a new championship consisting of only 7 events, which are considered the best hillclimbs in the Italian mountain speed championship. The Monte Erice race, which will celebrate its 66th edition next year, has been chosen to be part of the new championship called Supersalita. In 2024, the race will have three different titles: Supersalita championship, Italian mountain speed championship, and Italian historic car speed championship. This is a great achievement for the Automobile Club Trapani, the organizer of the event, and its president, Giovanni Pellegrino. The club has worked hard to improve the track and the organization, resulting in this recognition. The other events in the Supersalita championship include Vallecamonica Trophy, Selva di Fasano Cup, Rieti Terminillo, Bruno Carotti Cup, Trento Bondone, Paolino Teodori Cup, and Luigi Fagioli Trophy. The dates for these events will be announced in the coming weeks.

La Monte Erice tra le 7 tappe del nuovo campionato italiano di Supersalita

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