Kicks and punches to cohabitant, fractures nose and breaks teeth: 35-year-old arrested in Catania

A 35-year-old man in Catania, Italy was arrested by the Carabinieri for domestic violence and assault. He allegedly assaulted his partner, sometimes under the influence of drugs or alcohol, using kicks and punches. The woman did not report the abuse to protect herself and her two children, one of whom is a minor, born during their marriage. The woman finally spoke up when the Carabinieri noticed them fighting inside a moving car. The man was stopped, and the woman was taken to the hospital, where she was found to have a nasal bone fracture. She revealed the truth about the abusive incidents and changed her attitude towards her partner. The man had previously caused her a wound and broken two teeth by hitting her with a cellphone. He also tried to push her out of a moving car and had demanded money from her to buy drugs. In the past, the man had forcibly made her consume cocaine by holding her head and bringing it close to her nose.