Jatum: Delightful sensations – Giornale di Sicilia

Italians’ favorite dish at the table is still pizza. According to a research by Cerved, over 2.7 million pizzas are consumed in Italy, and the trend is continuously growing. Naples remains the home of pizza in Italy, but Palermo has seen a rise in establishments offering gourmet and sought-after white art proposals. Apud Jatum, a gastronomic reference point in San Cipirello, has experienced continuous growth in its pizzeria business since 1987. In 2010, owner and pizza maker Alessandro Traina created his own “brand”, finding the right balance for each pizza. The selection of meticulously studied and perfected flours and the leavening process have led to the creation of the Beautiful gourmet pizza line, uniquely designed to captivate customers. Apud Jatum has received numerous accolades over the years and is known for creating unique pizzas, such as the Fungo, as well as for offering the best value for money according to Trip Advisor users in 2022 and 2023.

Apud Jatum, deliziose sensazioni – Giornale di Sicilia

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