Italian Post Office focuses on Gangi, a coworking space is born in the Madonita municipality

This article talks about a new coworking space project called Polis, launched by Poste Italiane and the Municipality of Gangi. The project aims to create a shared workspace with all comforts and services, including meeting rooms, shared services, and event areas open to the public, companies, and the government. The coworking space is located above the post office in Salita Cammarata, Gangi, and has been specially renovated and equipped with an elevator. The Mayor of Gangi, Giuseppe Ferrarello, highlighted the importance of this project for professionals and young people to share a workspace and experiences while reducing costs. Poste Italiane’s Polis project aims to create a network of coworking spaces throughout Italy.

Poste Italiane punta su Gangi, nel Comune madonita nasce un coworking

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