Isola delle Femmine cement plant opens doors, unveils new brand

Italcementi, a cement company located in Isola delle Femmine, recently changed its name to Heidelberg Materials. To introduce the new brand, the company organized a “Open Doors Day” event for its employees’ families and the local community. Visitors had the opportunity to tour the facility and children participated in various activities organized within the cement plant. The employees acted as guides, showcasing the cement production process. Heidelberg Materials aims to provide environmentally-friendly solutions by reducing CO2 emissions and implementing digitalization in their processes. The company emphasizes its strong connection with the local community and its commitment to showcasing their daily activities to families, customers, and associations. Heidelberg Materials is a part of a global group present in 80 countries, leading the decarbonization process. The director of the cement plant, Giovanni La Maestra, expressed the desire to maintain a positive dialogue with employees’ families and the surrounding population. The Regional Minister for Production Activities, Edy Tamajo, commended the company as a prominent example of business excellence and emphasized the importance of research, innovation, and technological transfer in Sicily.

Isola delle Femmine, la cementeria apre le porte e presenta il nuovo brand

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