Investigations into the murder of Favara: Appears to be a mafia ambush, victim not linked to city clans.

69-year-old Francesco Simone was killed while plowing the land. He was shot in the face, a typical method used in mafia crimes. Despite his criminal record, he was not believed to be affiliated with the local mafia families. The murder took place near his countryside home. The investigation, led by the carabinieri, is focusing on his personal life to determine a motive. Family members, friends, and acquaintances are being interviewed, and surveillance footage from neighboring homes may provide important clues. An autopsy is also expected to provide crucial information. The carabinieri are also examining Simone’s car for potential evidence. The brutal nature of the murder suggests mafia involvement, although no concrete evidence has been found yet.

Le indagini sul delitto di Favara: sembra un agguato di mafia, ma la vittima non era ritenuta organica ai clan della città

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