Investigations in Palermo and Messina into fake surety policies worth €185 million

The article reports on a case of counterfeit surety bonds for a total of 185 million euros discovered in Piacenza, Italy. The Prosecutor of the city, Grazia Pradella, stated that the Guardia di Finanza is carrying out investigations and seizures of allegedly counterfeit surety bonds issued to various public entities, companies, research institutions, and a government ministry. The article mentions that the public entities involved are considered victims of the fraud. The investigation also led to the identification of the author of the fake documents and the seizure of significant computer equipment. The Guardia di Finanza is conducting similar activities in other cities in Italy to acquire documentation related to public procurement contracts.

Polizze fideiussorie «contraffatte per 185 milioni di euro», indagini anche a Palermo a Messina

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