Investigation of healthcare in Trapani, dirty business decided in the bathroom

The interrogations of six of the individuals involved in the “Aspide” investigation, which has caused unrest in the public health sector in Trapani, began yesterday in front of the Judge for Preliminary Investigations. Among those interrogated were individuals currently in custody, including Giuseppa Messina and Gioacchino Oddo, as well as others involved in the alleged wrongdoing. The investigation resulted in the suspension of six employees of the Trapani Asp, and new details have emerged about the case. The investigation has uncovered serious misconduct by employees of the institution. The investigation began after a complaint filed by the administrative director Sergio Consagra and the health director Gioacchino Oddo, who later found themselves under investigation. These developments came after the arrest of the Asp manager Fabio Damiani, who was involved in another investigation. The investigation also revealed irregularities in the procurement of ventilators during the Covid-19 emergency, involving collusion between employees and outside companies. This led to the revocation of the procurement contracts.

L’inchiesta sulla sanità a Trapani, gli affari sporchi decisi davanti al bagno

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