Investigation into healthcare in Catania; Arcidiacono released.

Giuseppe Pippo Arcidiacono, a 65-year-old doctor and former member of the political party Fratelli d’Italia, has been released from house arrest. He had been under house arrest since April 29th as part of an investigation by the Prosecution on healthcare. The decision was made by Judge Carlo Cannella, who accepted the defense’s request and went against the prosecutor’s negative opinion. The judge took into consideration Arcidiacono’s resignation from his previous positions and his withdrawal from the political party. The return of money received by his daughter and the defendant’s behavior during the process were also considered. Due to these factors, the judge concluded that the precautionary measures were no longer necessary. The investigation focuses on the allocation of contracts within projects funded and approved by the Health Department of the Sicilian Region, which were allegedly allocated to predetermined individuals through manipulated exams. The prosecution has requested trial against 16 individuals involved in the investigation, including former regional health and labor assessor Ruggero Razza and Antonio Scavone, as well as Ignazio Igo La Mantia and Giuseppe Arcidiacono. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 7th.

Inchiesta sulla sanità a Catania, torna libero Arcidiacono

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