Investigation in Enna on a large tax fraud with fake invoices, 5 arrests

Five people have been arrested by the provincial command of the finance guard in Enna as part of an investigation into an alleged complex tax fraud system carried out between Nicosia, Siracusa, and Catania. The suspected crimes against nine individuals include fraudulent transfer of values, issuance of invoices for non-existent operations, concealment and destruction of accounting records, money laundering, self-laundering, and private violence, as well as corporate and environmental crimes.

Following a ruling by the Enna examining magistrate, executed at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Yellow Flames arrested and brought to prison two entrepreneurs and directors of a company operating in the sales and installation of fixtures and a chartered accountant, all from Nicosia. Another two individuals, owners of two other companies, were placed under house arrest. The seizure of assets worth one million euros was also ordered.

According to investigations by the finance guard station in Nicosia, it emerged that one of the two entrepreneurs had been a hidden partner of a company for over twenty years, having fictitiously transferred 51% of the company’s shares to evade potential asset attacks, as he had several criminal records. Additionally, the Enna Prosecutor’s Office alleges that there was a parallel, entirely “off-the-books” accounting used to mask operations attributable to the hidden partner.

The Enna Prosecutor’s Office claims that “the second entrepreneur, the formal administrator of the company, and the other suspects, with the support of the chartered accountant, would have facilitated the fraudulent mechanism by draining substantial illicit proceeds generated through false invoicing and repeated money laundering and self-laundering behavior.” An elaborate scheme, the accusation holds, that “not only illicitly reduced the taxable bases of the company but also falsified the actual profitability of the company, thereby excluding other minority partners from legitimate profit-sharing.”

Inchiesta a Enna su una maxi frode fiscale con fatture false fatture, 5 arresti

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