Investigation closed on Dell’Utri’s assets: “Money taken to ensure Berlusconi’s impunity”

The article explains that the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Florence has closed the investigation on the assets of former Publitalia manager Marcello Dell’Utri, a native of Palermo, for whom the Florentine judiciary ordered a seizure of 10 million and 840,000 euros in March of last year. The document mentions the aggravating factor of committing crimes related to omissions regarding changes in assets and fraudulent transfers “in order to conceal the more serious conduct of involvement in the massacres attributable to Silvio Berlusconi and Dell’Utri himself.” Dell’Utri is under investigation for violating anti-mafia regulations by not reporting changes in assets despite a final conviction for participation in a mafia association. The investigation also includes Dell’Utri’s wife under article 512 bis, related to fraudulent transfers of values linked to 15 transfers totaling 8 million euros from Berlusconi to Miranda Ratti. The lawyers for Dell’Utri defended the transfers as legitimate and transparent, made by Berlusconi out of affection and gratitude towards Dell’Utri.

Chiuse le indagini sul patrimonio di Dell’Utri: «Soldi presi per assicurare l’impunità a Berlusconi»

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