Interview with the Palermo rape victim and the letter against De Girolamo, the presenter: “You’ve got the wrong target”

Nunzia De Girolamo responds to criticism for her interview with the victim of rape in Palermo, Asia. She defends her approach, stating that she and Asia had agreed on the boundaries of the conversation and had shared everything said, including private messages Asia received on social media. De Girolamo expresses surprise at the latent sexism that leads some women to tell a victim not to speak out or show her face, and questions whether this is a way to defend women. She also criticizes the lack of support for Asia when she threatened self-harm on social media. De Girolamo concludes by urging women to unite against the true enemy: rapists and the still prevalent male-dominated culture in Italy.

L’intervista alla vittima dello stupro di Palermo e la lettera contro De Girolamo, la conduttrice: «Avete sbagliato bersaglio»

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