Interactive virtual map of Palermo, featuring monuments, streets, and parks.

This article talks about free innovative workshops aimed at young people (aged 16-35) where participants will collaborate to create an app and a website with virtual and interactive map features of Palermo. The map will include Points of Interest such as monuments, typical streets, food and wine routes, events, cycling paths, villas, and parks. The project, called Palermo Digital Maps, was presented in Palermo and is funded by the Region of Sicily and the Department for Youth Policies of the Ministry of Youth and Universal Civil Service. The initiative aims to involve young people in the promotion of social activities in the city. Various speakers expressed their pride and excitement for being part of the project, which aims to create a digital monumental map of the city, combining tradition and innovation for the benefit of a new Palermo.

In un’app una mappa virtuale e interattiva di Palermo con monumenti, strade, parchi

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