Instructor arrested in Palermo for sexually molesting female students

The Judiciary Police section of the State Police in Palermo has arrested a 27-year-old sports instructor, who teaches at several gyms in the city, accused of luring minors, producing pornographic material using underage students, with the purpose of engaging in sexual acts with the girls. The precautionary measure of house arrest was issued by the judge, at the request of the prosecutor, department for gender violence, domestic violence, and protection of vulnerable victims.

The investigation started from the report of a concerned parent about the stories of their 14-year-old daughter, who said that a friend had confided in her about the sexual attentions of their sports instructor. The parent reported to the judicial authorities the dangers to which some young students were exposed. The police identified the instructor and were able to gather evidence of what happened to two 16-year-old students. Taking advantage of the trust relationship established with the girls, he would have recorded them. The victims, heard by the authorities, recounted what had happened. The evidence was found on electronic devices owned by the instructor.

Molestie sessuali alle allieve in palestra, istruttore arrestato a Palermo

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