Incendi: Unique operational center of the Sicilian Region to be established in Brancaccio

The regional government of Sicily has approved the proposal to create a unified regional operational room to enhance the firefighting system. The single room will be located in Palermo and will combine the operational rooms of the Civil Protection Department and the Forest Corps. The goal is to improve the timeliness of interventions and optimize resources through more effective coordination. The new operational room will operate 24/7 and the staff will receive training on the management systems. Additionally, a new law will require municipalities and provinces in Sicily to allocate 3% of regional resources for fire prevention activities. In terms of equipment, 119 new vehicles have been acquired, with the first batch already in use and the remaining set to be delivered in November. The regional government will ensure the timely delivery.

Incendi, a Brancaccio nascerà la sala operativa unica della Regione Siciliana

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