Inauguration of Palermo Zen School: “Hub of State and Legality”

During the inauguration of the school year at Giovanni Falcone in Palermo, the director general of the regional educational office, Giuseppe Pierro, stated that the school would serve as a stronghold for the state and legality in the neighborhood, as promised to the families. The event was attended by the mayor, Roberto Lagalla, and the new school principal, Massimo Valentino, who replaced the former principal, Daniela Lo Verde, who was accused of corruption and embezzlement. Pierro also mentioned that there will be a coordination meeting organized by the prefecture to reinstall cameras in the school and create a security plan for all educational buildings. Additionally, efforts will be made to address school dropout rates, with the arrival of tutors and the reinforcement of agreements with prosecutors, municipalities, and schools. Furthermore, 50 psycho-pedagogical operators have been deployed to prevent dropouts and ensure the return of students to school.

Inaugurazione allo scuola dello Zen di Palermo: “Presidio dello Stato e di legalità”

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