In Panormus Basket project, Paternò aims for social inclusion, focusing on shaping men

The Asd Panormus Basket Palermo, led by President Flavio Paternò and General Manager Gino Prestigiacomo, focuses on providing sports education, promoting the culture of sport, and fostering social inclusion. With over 250 members, the association aims to give opportunities to less fortunate individuals and revitalize sports in Palermo. The project started in Bonagia and has expanded to other neighborhoods and schools. The organization not only focuses on sports but also organizes social initiatives, such as collecting plastic and participating in beach activities with a national dog rescue society. The project, driven by the passion of President Carmelo Paternò and his son Flavio, faces challenges but remains committed to its goal. The association aims to secure school gyms for their activities and focuses on the development of values among their young members. The main objective is not just winning, but ensuring the personal growth of their players.

Dentro al progetto Panormus Basket, Paternò: «Vogliamo l’inclusione sociale, l’obiettivo è formare uomini»

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