In Palermo, musical instruments stolen during night raid at Domenico Scinà Institute

This is the third theft in a week at the Domenico Scinà school in Palermo. This time the thief, who was caught on camera, also tried to sabotage the alarm system in order to act undisturbed and complete the robbery of the sound system and musical instruments. The principal Maria Gabriella Martorana said, “They seem to be targeted thefts. They know what is there and where to find it. We had organized concerts with the students. They have been preparing for months. These thefts have put at risk the work that has been done. This time they stole two speakers and were trying to take the drum set. In the past few days, they stole other instruments and the sound system. It is truly disheartening. We do so much for our students and these actions cause a lot of bitterness. They must know that we will not back down and we will continue. It won’t be easy, but we will manage to move forward.”

The investigation is being conducted by the police who have obtained footage from the security cameras that captured the thief in action.

Raid, rubati durante la notte gli strumenti musicali all’istituto Domenico Scinà di Palermo

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