In Palermo, Casamonica-Picardi fight for tricolor: “I chose honesty and hard work”

At the level of Italian professional boxing, there could not be a more interesting match at the moment. Friday night (May 3) in the ring of the Palaoreto in Palermo will become a reality because Armando Casamonica, known as “The Fury of Quadraro” (the Roman district where he was born), and Gianluca Picardi, a member of a Campania family with great boxing traditions (his brother Vincenzo won bronze at the Beijing 2008 Olympics), will challenge each other for the Italian super lightweight title, in the 63.5 kg weight limit category.

This match is part of the “Opi Fight Night”, an event organized by the promotion and management company Opi Since 82, and marks the great comeback of professional boxing in the Sicilian capital: in fact, a title match has not been fought in Palermo for over five years.

But this boxing event also aims to be a musical and cultural spectacle, with the presence of a DJ set and above all of the champion (also in kickboxing) Gloria Peritore with her association “Shadow Project”: the 35-year-old from Licata will compete in a sub bout and will be the testimonial of the “Fight the violence” project that aims to contrast psychological violence against women and bullying victims.

The issue of bullying is also close to Armando Casamonica’s heart, as he has always wanted to emphasize, regarding what is said and written about other members of his family, that he has “chosen the path of honesty and hard work, and I am a professional boxer dedicated only to the sport”, a phrase he repeated in recent days. “You climb into the ring, you do the glove sessions every week, you do the diet – he added -. But I was born for this, and I am sure that boxing will reward me.”

A Palermo il tricolore di boxe Casamonica-Picardi, il romano: «Io ho scelto la strada dell’onestà e della fatica»

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