Illegal waste disposal leads to arrest in Trapani province, with controls, seizures, and reports also in Caltanissetta, Siracusa, and Ragusa.

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An extensive operation by the State police was carried out in recent days throughout the national territory to combat the illegal disposal of waste and to ascertain and sanction the multiple forms of illegality in the delicate sector of environmental protection. The activities, coordinated at a central level by the central operational service of the State police, were carried out by mobile teams and Sisco in 33 Italian provinces, including Trapani, Caltanissetta, Syracuse, and Ragusa, with the specialist support of the regional agencies for environmental protection and the highway police.

In the province of Trapani, a person was arrested, caught in the act, for unauthorized waste management activities. Five other people were reported.

In the province of Caltanissetta (in the video the police interventions), four areas were seized, characterized by the presence of waste in a state of abandonment or deposited in an uncontrolled manner. There was also asbestos and ferrous material. During the activities, 7 people were reported for uncontrolled deposition. Seven people were reported to the judicial authorities for violation of the regulations provided for in the environmental code. During the activities, 23 people were also identified.

In the province of Syracuse, 14 public and private areas were inspected, 7 of which were seized. Eleven people reported for abandonment and management of unauthorized waste. The operation was carried out by the police in Syracuse and in the territories of Priolo Gargallo, Augusta, Avola, and Pachino. In some areas, the presence of open-air landfills was ascertained. Nineteen people were identified, including the eleven reported. The operation was carried out by the mobile team, with all the police stations and the support of the Nictas of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the environmental police section.

Throughout Italy, after three days of intense operational activities carried out from May 13 to 15, a total of 168 areas suspected of being used for illicit waste storage and conservation were inspected, 40 of which were seized. More than 1,763 people were identified, 103 of whom reported in a state of freedom for offenses related to the illicit waste management, 2 arrested in the act. 85 administrative violations were also contested for an amount exceeding 200 thousand euros. In addition to the four Sicilian provinces, here are the others where inspections were carried out: Ascoli Piceno, Asti, Avellino, Bari, Benevento, Biella, Caserta, Crotone, Foggia, Frosinone, Genoa, Isernia, L’Aquila, Latina, Lucca, Monza Brianza, Naples, Nuoro, Pistoia, Pordenone, Rome, Reggio Calabria, Rovigo, Salerno, Taranto, Turin, Venice, Verbania, and Vibo Valentia.

Abbandono rifiuti, un arresto in provincia di Trapani: controlli, sequestri e denunce anche a Caltanissetta, Siracusa e Ragusa

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