Illegal online gambling and usury, assets seized in Augusta

Arrested on September 30, 2021, along with ten other people in the operation Ludos conducted by the police station of Augusta, today a forty-year-old unemployed man has seen his assets seized on the orders of the prevention measures section of the Catania court, at the proposal of the police chief of Syracuse and the prosecutor of Catania. He is accused of being at the head of a criminal association aimed at managing illegal online betting, abusive exercise of financial activities and usury.

The investigations have revealed the proximity of the suspects to significant criminal environments, to the point of accessing telematic betting sites located abroad (all with extensions different from the legal “.it”), activities usually in the hands of mafia clans. The asset investigations carried out by the anti-crime division have highlighted the individual’s significant social danger (with previous convictions for aggravated theft, receiving stolen goods, misappropriation, fraud, gambling), to which the current crimes of abusive gambling, of which he was a promoter, and usury are added. Disproportionate is the relationship between the income and official revenues attributable to the forty-year-old’s family nucleus and the actual real estate and movable property of which he has been found to have availability. The value of the seized assets amounts to 400,000 euros: a villa surrounded by land in Augusta, a car, 4 life insurance policies, and bank accounts with deposits (the latter will be subject to a subsequent valuation).

Gioco illegale online e usura, sequestrati beni ad Augusta

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