House in Vittoria catches fire, conditions improve for two survivors

The conditions of Omaima Zaouali, 19 years old, and her father Kamel, 57, the two survivors of the massacre on June 13th, have improved. Their relative Wajdi Zaouali, 29 years old, set fire to the house where they lived, causing the death of the mother Mariem Sassi, 55, and the eldest daughter Sameh, 34. Omaima Zaouali, who suffered second and third degree burns over 50% of her body, is currently in the Intensive Care Unit of Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania. Her condition has improved but she is still not out of danger.

The father Kamel, with burns over 41% of his body, has also slightly improved. Tomorrow evening at 8 pm, the Islamic community will gather in Piazza del Popolo for a solidarity event, also demanding the “right to protection”. The organizers, Marwa Sayadi and Sharon Pisani, have invited the mayor, councilors, and all city officials to participate. The main theme of the event will be to urge institutions and authorities to intervene quickly and protect families in such cases.

Participants are encouraged to wear white or red shirts if they wish. The funerals of the two women are expected to take place in the coming days under the care of the Al Zaytouna mosque in Vittoria. In the town of Ragusa, the only surviving sister, who was studying law in Turin at the time of the fire, is currently staying with friends. Wajdi Zaouali is in isolation in Ragusa prison and will face charges of murder, attempted murder, and arson. His lawyer has requested detention in a facility with psychiatric services as he had received mental health treatment in the past.

La casa incendiata a Vittoria, migliorano le condizioni dei due sopravvissuti

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