House fire in Vittoria: Wajdi admits some accusations, arrest of young Tunisian validated

Wajdi Zaouali remains in prison. The investigating judge in Ragusa, Vincenzo Ignaccolo, has confirmed the detention of the twenty-nine-year-old from Vittoria, of Tunisian origin, accused of killing his mother Mariam Sassi, 55, and his sister Sameh Zaouali, 34. The man is said to have set fire to the family home in Piazza Unità after pouring flammable liquid in the rooms.
In this morning’s hearing, in the presence of prosecutor Martina Dall’Amico and defense attorney Giovanni Ascone, Wajdi made admissions and answered the magistrate’s questions. Ascone had requested a less punitive measure, and alternatively, placement in a secure health facility or detention in a prison with a psychiatric unit. The young man had been under treatment at the Department of Mental Health.

La casa incendiata a Vittoria: Wajdi fa qualche ammissione, convalidato il fermo del giovane tunisino

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