Hit-and-run: 17-year-old motorcyclist struck by driver in Santa Maria di Licodia

A young motorcyclist, seventeen years old, suffered several injuries in the accident between a car and a motorcycle that occurred at night in Santa Maria di Licodia. In the clash between the two vehicles, the boy was the one who got hurt. The collision took place on Vittorio Emanuele Street, the seventeen-year-old, riding the two-wheeler, luckily was wearing a helmet, which allowed him to avoid more serious consequences after the impact that threw him off the saddle and caused him to fall violently on the asphalt. According to reports, the driver of the car allegedly left without providing assistance to the boy. An ambulance from the 118 emergency service promptly arrived on the scene. After receiving initial treatment from the medical staff, it was decided to transport the young man to the hospital’s emergency room. The carabinieri also arrived on the scene. The military police, through gathering testimonies, are trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident and locate the hit-and-run driver.

Santa Maria di Licodia, automobilista travolge un ragazzo di 17 anni in moto e scappa

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