Highway incident on Palermo-Mazara route causes long delays towards Trapani

Accident on the A/29 Palermo-Mazara del Vallo highway, in the direction of Trapani. A bus and two cars were involved in the accident, which occurred between the two tunnels between Sferracavallo and Isola delle Femmine. The accident happened during rush hour, just before 1 pm, when traffic on the highway is heaviest.

Traffic came to a standstill as part of the road was closed and vehicles were only able to proceed on one lane. Police officers arrived on the scene to conduct investigations and reconstruct the sequence of events. Anas, the authority in charge of managing the roads, was also present due to the slow traffic caused by the vehicles in the middle of the road. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. Just two days prior, a major pile-up occurred on the same highway, causing traffic delays once again.

The incident took place in the direction of Palermo, just before the city entrance. Tourist buses and holidaymakers were stuck waiting for ambulances and tow trucks to reach the accident site. Many drivers, stuck in traffic for over two hours, tried to find an alternate route by exiting at Carini and taking the road to Palermo via Torretta and Bellolampo.

Incidente sull’autostrada Palermo-Mazara: lunghe code in direzione Trapani

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