Hidden drugs in underwear: 22-year-old arrested in Siracusa

The Carabinieri of the mobile section of Siracusa have arrested a 22-year-old local man who is strongly suspected of drug trafficking. The man was stopped in via Santi Amato and searched by the military who found approximately 25 grams of drugs including cocaine, crack, and marijuana, divided into over 100 doses, hidden in his underwear. The drugs were seized for further laboratory tests and the 22-year-old, after the formalities, was placed under house arrest in his home, as ordered by the judicial authority of Siracusa. The continuous drug seizures carried out by the military of the Siracusa Company in the well-known areas as “drug dealing squares” of the city of Siracusa have dealt a heavy blow to crime that has lost control over those territories.

Droga nascosta negli slip: arrestato 22enne a Siracusa

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