Heatwave and fires alert in Sicily, another day with orange warning

The Sicilian Civil Protection has issued an orange pre-alert for the risk of fires and heatwaves for the entire Island for tomorrow, June 12th. The bulletin confirms the arrival of high temperatures throughout the region. Intense heat, combined with dry winds and drought conditions, significantly increases the risk of forest fires. The African anticyclone over Sicily and Sardinia is expected to bring very hot air masses directly from the Sahara Desert, with temperatures well above average, reaching up to 38-40 degrees in Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, and Puglia. The peak of this exceptional heatwave is expected tomorrow. Eyes are also on the second part of the week, with a second storm front expected between Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th, with Italy caught between cooler, unstable currents from a cyclone descending from Northern Europe and extreme heat from Africa.

Allerta caldo e incendi in Sicilia, un’altra giornata da bollino arancione

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