Health, Midiri: “Patients forced to migrate for excellent therapies”

“Much of the patients are forced to migrate in order to access top-notch therapies. Today, there is talk of a focus on new technologies in the therapeutic field, but we are also talking about the new pharmaceutical approach that could become an opportunity for development. Thanks to internal work and connections with universities and centers that have given us their trust, a lot can be done. I hope that this project will lead to an innovative piece in the development of this land,” said the rector of the University of Palermo, Massimo Midiri, speaking at the National Forum on Precision Medicine taking place in Palermo until June 15th.

The initiative is organized by the Heal Italia foundation, of which the University of Palermo is a founding member, under the auspices of the Ministry of University and Research. The Heal Italia project (Health Extended Alliance for Innovative Therapies, Advanced Lab-research, and Integrated Approaches of Precision Medicine) has received significant funding, totaling 118 million euros, from the Ministry of University and Research as part of the Pnrr Mission 4 – Component 2 “From research to business.” The hub focuses on research in the health field and includes over 40 partners including universities, pharmaceutical and digital companies, small and medium enterprises, and Irccs, Institutes of research and care. The University of Palermo is the coordinator of the hub through the scientific direction of Professor Giorgio Stassi. “We – added the rector – are working to give a precise message to our young people, that is stay in the South and invest in the South because if we continue like this, with continuous brain drains, thousands of young people will have left by 2050. This project, on the other hand, could allow young people to stay in the South and invest in their future in this land. The ethical issue concerning human health is also associated with the future of our brains on this land,” he concluded.”

Sanità, Midiri: «Pazienti costretti a migrare per terapie d’eccellenza»

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